Services for Immigrants

Immigrants who need to strengthen their immigration/visa applications with education and employment credentials may have their credentials evaluated by Diplomadesk. Immigrants may request a diploma, course by course, work experience and/or combination report.

Diploma Evaluation
Diploma Evaluation Reports give the U.S. equivalent degree, or years of study, for education obtained outside the U.S. The report does not include an assessment of individual courses taken or GPA equivalence. We offer evaluation services for a variety of degrees.

Course by Course Evaluation
Course by Course Evaluation Reports are usually given after a Diploma Evaluation. Course by Course includes the U.S. equivalent credit and grade of each completed course taken by the student. The report is necessary for admission to degree programs and is also used for professional licensing purposes. We offer evaluation services for a variety of degrees as well as incomplete education.

Work Experience Evaluation
Work Experience Evaluation Reports give the professional work experience equivalency to a worker’s educational credentials. Diplomadesk uses USCIS “three-for-one” rule, which states that three years of work experience can be substituted for one year of academic study in the U.S.

List of documents:

  • Resume listing work experience (job title and description, time period at job position)
  • Letters from previous employers
  • Completed application form, indicating type of work experience degree equivalency sought.

All copies of academic documentation submitted for evaluation become the property of Evaluate Foreign Degree.


  • If documents are not in English, client must submit clear and legible copies of legalized translations of all Diplomas, Transcripts and/or Certificates.
  • Signed certification of translator (either original or photocopy). See sample certification here (link).  Translator must be fluent in both English and the original language of the documents and should not be the applicant who needs to be evaluated. Certified translator’s signature should be notarized, according to the Laws and Regulations of the country of the origination of translation and notarization.
  • There must be copies of both the original language and translated documents.

Combination Evaluation
Combination Reports evaluate work experience and academic credentials together in order to assess their U.S. equivalent degree. Applicants must submit all the required documents for a work experience evaluation, shown above, in addition to the documents required for the specific U.S. degree.

How to start process:
After preparing the list of documents, you can begin the evaluation process by filling out and submitting the application online Start Your Evaluation

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